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DMS-1508 Floor Standing Vacuum Counter
í˘Adopt working principle of attracting notes by vacuum pump
í˘Automatic counting
í˘Automatic starting, stopping and clearing
í˘With verify, free, batching, adding and self-examination functions
í˘High quality motor and vacuum pump are used to lower the noise
í˘8digital LED
í˘With perfect dust handling system to lengthen the life of machine
í˘Suitable for all currencies in the world
í˘Can be with UV (optional)
í˘Can be with auto door (optional)
í˘Can be with stamp (optional)

í˘Counting Speed: íŢ100 pcs/4sec
í˘Size of Countable Note: 50mmí┴110mm/100mmí┴240 mm
í˘Noise: Less than 60dB
í˘Net Weight: 32kg(1pc)
í˘Dimension: 425mmí┴380mmí┴860 mm
í˘Gross Weight: 36kg(1pc)
í˘Power Supply: AC 230Ví└10% 50Hzí└5%
AC 120Ví└10% 60Hzí└5%
í˘Power Consumption: í▄280
í˘Installed Capacity: 220pcs