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EU-950 Coin Counter&Sortor
í˘Suitable for most of currencies in the world
í˘Automatic counting, sorting
í˘With batching, adding and self-examination functions
í˘Display total Qty. and total amount of each value coins
í˘Display all coins value


í˘Counting Speed: 650pcs/min
í˘Dimensions: 302(D)í┴278(W)í┴258(H)mm
í˘Net Weight: 5KGS
í˘Size of Carton: 650(D)í┴360(W)í┴325(H)mm (2PCS)
í˘Gross Weight: 12KGS(2 pcs)
í˘Power Supply: AC 230Ví└10% 50Hzí└5%
                               AC 120Ví└10% 60Hzí└5%
í˘Power Consumption: 60W
í˘Hopper Capacity: 350-1000 pcs
í˘Capacity of each coin drawer: 150-500pcs
í˘Diameter range: 15.5-27mm
í˘Thickness range: 1.3-2.5mm