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EU-760 Series Bill Counter (EU-760; EU-760S; EU-760T;)
í˘Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG1, MG2 (magnetic) while counting
í˘With front full button LED screen display
í˘Automatic starting, stopping and clearing
í˘With batching, adding and self-examination functions
í˘Adjustable hopper for extra long&short banknotes
í˘With í░AUTOí▒&í▒MANUALí▒ function
í˘With dust absorption function
í˘Full button control from 1-9 for batching
í˘Automatic half-note detections
í˘Automatic chain note detections
í˘Software development.
í˘Special function: Double-notes detecting<with IR(infrared ray) detection system>
í˘External display

í˘Counting Speed: íŢ1,000 pcs/min
í˘Size of Countable Note: 50mmí┴100mm/80mmí┴185 mm
í˘Dimensions: 310mmí┴280mmí┴200mm
í˘Net Weight: 7kg
í˘Size of carton: 690mmí┴335mmí┴275mm(2pcs)
í˘Gross Weight: 15kg(2 pcs)
í˘Power Supply: AC 230Ví└10% 50Hzí└5%
                               AC 120Ví└10% 60Hzí└5%
í˘Power Consumption: í▄70
í˘Hopper Capacity: 300pcs
í˘Stacker Capacity: 200pcs