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EU-8080 UV+MG+3 side of WM+IR Detector
¡ôWith large aid of 7¡± size LCD monitor.
¡ôMarked rules for checking the banknote size
¡ôOblique white light to detect the OVI (Optical Variable Ink) figure and intaglio printing (Latent image).
¡ôBottom white light to detect the watermark and ¡°Micro Performation¡± mark.
¡ôTop white light to detect ¡°Kipp effect¡± the printing quality and color.
¡ôUltraviolet light to detect the UV mark.
¡ôMagnetic sensor to detect magnetic ink.
¡ôTwo wave length 870/940nm alternation IR light to detect the infrareed ink and blinking mark (Verification of           presence of socalled ¡°M¡± marks).
¡ôOptional mouse camera to detect the micro-printing cover 10times magnification in three bands (WM/IR/UV) together with the device.

¡ôPower Adaptor:Input 100-240V AC 50/60Hz; Output 12V DC
¡ôCurrent Consumption: 2A
¡ôDetecting mode:
UV light detection;
Watermark Detection;
Magnetism Detection;
Blink Infrared Detection;
OVI (Optical Variable Ink) Detection;
Security metal thread Detection;
See-through Register Detection;
Hologram images Detection;
Banknote size Detection;
¡°Kipp effect¡± Detection;
¡°Micro Performation¡± Detection;
Micro-printing Detection (option);
Infrared Micro-printing Detection (option);
Ultraviolet Micro-printing Detection (option).
¡ôAmbient temperature: 0~40 degrees centigrade
¡ôStorage temperature: -20~60 degrees centigrade